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Rosé is a Many Splendid Thing

France had it right all along. California got off to a sweet start, but now there is an abundance of California rosé wines that are dry, elegant, crisp, flirtatious, diverse and versatile. The alluring color of rosé runs the gamut from barely pink to peach, salmon and on through to a clear, light garnet.

To hear some speak with anticipation of the first releases of the young wines each spring, you might come to believe that “rosé season” may actually be a fifth season of the year. Rosé season evokes thoughts of a less hectic time of year when longer days and warmer evenings call for picnics, outdoor concerts and lazy afternoons by the pool debating important matters like secret ingredients in rubs and bbq sauces.

Rosé walks that line between red and white wine - not as tannic as red, but with plenty of depth and acidity. It seems to fit right in with every meal. Move over Mimosas! Think rosé with lox and bagels for Sunday brunch. Lunchtime salads love rosé. Ethnic foods with a little spice are no problem for rosé. Your favorite Indian, Mexican, Greek and Asian dishes will happily share the table with rosé. Pasta primavera or a spring pea risotto with prosciutto would be even more delicious paired with a rosé. Saffron, a key flavor ingredient in Paella, is enhanced by rosé. The brininess and texture of shellfish harmonize with the “in-between” texture of a rosé, and the berry, melon and floral aromas. Nothing highlights all the charms of rosé better than a Classic Niçoise Salad. And, yes, it pairs great with just about anything off the grill!

Rosé can be made with any red wine grape varietal, and our Downtown Paso Robles Wineries offer a diverse selection from which to choose, with just about every winery offering a version. (The picture above is just a few!) You’ll find rosé made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Grenache, Tempranillo, Sangiovese and various blends of grapes. We’d love to taste you through our wines and help you make some selections for your home cellar. And it’s not a bad idea to plan ahead and stock up for after summer. Rosé is a great way to start any holiday meal during the fall and winter holidays too!

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